Let us introduce you to a new "Community Support Agriculture" (also known as “CSA”) Program!

You may have heard of Community Support Agriculture. The most common CSA programs are offered in the spring by vegetable growers. A participant pays a "share" in the spring for a pre-determined amount of harvest. As the growing season progresses, and the various vegetables mature, deliveries of the pre-paid crop shares take place (or crop shares are available for pick-up).

For the Slate River Dairy CSA, we are offering tokens for sale on a year-round basis. Each token has a value printed on it, and can be used to purchase Slate River Dairy products (milk, butter, yogurt, etc.). Discounts on the face value of the token will be available for bulk token purchases: The more tokens you purchase; the greater the discount at which you can purchase them.

Our first token issue is in the $6.50 denomination. With this token, you can purchase products that sell for $6.50 from the Dairy at the farm store or at the Thunder Bay Country Market. These products are:

  • Half Gallon whole milk
  • Half Gallon skim milk
  • Half Gallon 2%
  • Salted Butter
  • Cultured Butter
  • Specialty Butters (when available)
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Strained Yogurt
  • Cultured Cream

Our CSA will help us secure sales in the future and also help with making new and innovative products faster than we are able to now.

Important Rules: Tokens cannot be refunded for cash; they are only redeemable for dairy products. Change cannot be made for purchases made through tokens. For example, if you use a $10 token to purchase a $6.50 item, you will not receive $3.50 in cash in return. Token owners are responsible for their safekeeping; we cannot replace lost or stolen tokens.

How To Order

Token may be purchased at the Thunder Bay Country Market by cash only or at the farm using cash/debit.


  • 1 Token = $6.50
  • 10 Tokens = $65
  • Purchase 30 Tokens and get 1 free
  • Purchase 60 Tokens and get 3 free
  • Purchase 120 Tokens and get 8 free
  • Purchase 250 Tokens and get 25 free

CSA Tokens - Slate River Dairy