Jim and Wilma Mol


You will find us just south of Thunder Bay, in beautiful Slate River Valley. Riverbend Farm is a licensed, inspected dairy farm owned and operated by Jim and Wilma Mol. We milk about 45 cows and they produce approximately 1000L of milk per day. Our goal is to put milk back into dairy products. Driven by determination and fueled by passion for quality milk, Jim and Wilma started bottling milk for the first time on August 17, 2015.


Feed Consultant

Harold makes sure our cows are fed a balanced ration. He comes to our farm every 6-8 weeks and prepares a well balanced ration for our cows. This ration consists of energy, protein, minerals and vitamins. The  crops that we grow ourselves  gets tested to see what  kind of  nutrition and minerals are in there and then  Harold takes those results and balances the feed that the cows are getting and what they need extra.

Dr. Dan


Having a vet on our team is very important to us and therefore we have Dr. Dan come to our farm every 4 weeks. He checks to see if certain cows are pregnant and even uses an ultra sound where you clearly can see the baby calf on a monitor. This helps us to know if a cow is having twin so we can take special care of the cow in case she does carry twins. Dr Dan checks the general health of the herd and this includes the baby calves.